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DATRON Digital Experience Events

DATRON Captivating Clamping Technology

– Help Shape Our DEE Program With Your Individual Workpiece Examples

According to the motto “impossible is impossible!” we want to shed more light on creative and proven clamping devices and techniques together with you in our interactive live session.
We will discuss a selection of the most interesting and proven clamping options. Among other things: Vacuum technology, T-slot plates with various holding techniques, special clamping devices for classic 3-axis and also 4-axis machining.


– Easy HSC for Everybody

The time-consuming input of numerical commands and many manual steps, among others, for the optimal setup of the workpiece, programming of the tools and countless strategy adjustments until the perfect HSC milling result are a thing of the past thanks to DATRON next. The camera-supported calibration, the intuitively understandable menu guidance via apps, the 3D preview simulation of the milling process, the integrated tool catalog and complementary DATRON Live! Monitoring apps for machine monitoring via your cell phone are among the many benefits that will revolutionize your daily work routine.


– Smart apps for efficient production

If you were previously able to ascertain the current operating status of your DATRON milling machine simply by personally inspecting it on site, with the DATRON Live Apps you will soon have everything in view at any time on your PC, tablet and smartphone:

  • Program and remaining running time
  • Camera image of the manufacturing process
  • Monitoring of compressed air, vacuum and coolant data
  • Tool magazine with wear conditions of the milling tools

This live event will be held in German only. If you are interested, please contact your personal sales contact.

METAV Web-Sessions:

DATRON Automation Solutions (GERMAN)

The smart DATRON automation portfolio offers efficient and individual solutions for future-oriented production. Automatic front and side doors, interfaces to internal hardware, external automation as well as software interfaces and solutions extend the DATRON machine systems with DATRON next control. Experience the smart DATRON technologies in action with an exciting component.

Thread milling with DATRON

Watch the recorded online event “Thread milling with DATRON” and learn more about how to mill threads that are true-to-gauge. Follow us on social media so you won’t miss our next Digital Experience event.

  • Types of threads and their advantages – From minute 00:01:40
  • The cooling system – From minute 00:14:45
  • Quality and accuracy – DATRON milling cutters – From minute 00:20:30
  • The right core hole – drilling or milling? – From minute 00:21:20
  • How to use DATRON tools – From minute 00:22:34
  • The new DATRON thread mill series! – From minute 00:29:30

DATRON Digital Experience Sessions 2022


Enter the DATRON MXCube World of Industrial Milling Production

DATRON Dental Show 2021

        – 9th – 13th March 2021


– Worldwide Proven 5-axis Milling Technology for Process-reliable Precision Cutting of NEM

Dental CAD/CAM Hybrid Production

– Increase Your Profitability Through Great Savings in Material and Milling Costs

Strong Cutting Edges for Strong Teeth

– DATRON Dental Milling Cutters for All Common Dental Milling Machines

Your Competent Tool Supplier

– Large Product Portfolio, Short Delivery Times and Ideal Cost/Performance Ratio

DATRON Tech Week 2021

        – 25th – 29th January 2021

Achieving the Optimum Fit Using Proper Parameters

– Step by Step to a Milling Result Without Post-Machining

Reliably Tight and Leak-proof

– DATRON Pump Technology for Optimal Bonding and Sealing Applications

DATRON Digital Experience Days 2.0

        – 14th – 18th September 2020

New Freedom With DATRON Axis4

– Expand Your Modular Machining Possibilities by Adding 4th Axis Capability

Experience the DATRON Axis4 live on the DATRON M8Cube and convince yourself of the dynamics and precision of the 4th axis. From simple positioning thanks to the DATRON module clamping technology, to precise alignment, to real application examples.

Volumetric DATRON Dispensing Technology in Theory and Practice

– Special Insight in the Patented Fluid Precision in Our Expert Talk

Experience the specially developed DATRON dispensing solutions in an expert exchange and see for yourself the DATRON dispensing technology and the precise application of adhesives / sealants as well as electrically and thermally conductive media.

Instant Fit!

– How to Mill High-quality Engineering Fits Right From the Start

Get the latest information and features of the Engineering Fits from our DATRON experts and experience the new DATRON reamers in action.

DATRON After Sales

– Experience Tailored Solutions for Your Requirements

Learn from our DATRON After Sales experts with which individual DATRON solutions you can optimize your production and get first insights into the new DATRON Service Helpdesk and exciting information about the DATRON regrinding service.

DATRON Digital Experience Days 1.0

        – 09th – 13th March 2020

DATRON ToolAssist

– Change tools smartly

DATRON ToolAssist combines common tool systems and well-known CNC accessories for even more user-friendliness and efficient production. With its unique tool change system is available for the milling machines DATRON MXCube, DATRON M8Cube and DATRON MLCube with DATRON next.

DATRON Automation Solutions

– It’s all robo, or what?

The smart DATRON automation portfolio offers efficient and customized solutions for future-oriented production purposes. Automatic front and side doors, interfaces to internal hardware, external automation and also software interfaces and solutions are add-ons to DATRON machine systems with DATRON next Control for state-of-the-art production processes and complete the product range.

DATRON Dispensing Technologies

– beads on end

DATRON dispensing systems were specially developed for industrial adhesive, sealing or EMC applications and have earned customer confidence with their high performance and high volume consistency.

DATRON 5-Axis Machining

using a 3-axis milling machine

DATRON rotary axes are used for accurate multi-side machining of precise mechanical parts. Small electrodes, circular engravings, or also jewellery moulding are typical examples of application areas for these rotary axes.

DATRON milling tools

– 1,000 advantages, 100% Made in Germany

Based on testing in-house and the experience of our customers we develop special tools for high-speed machining. The efficiency and quality of CNC-machining is exceedingly determined by the technological design and the quality of CNC-tools used.

  • Highly specialized roughing tool
  • Smallest chips
  • Excellent metal removal rate

and the stepped single flute end mill

  • Optimized flute for fast and efficient chip removal
  • Sharp peripheral cutting edge and flattened face for excellent surface quality
  • Patented counterbalance grinding for maximum running smoothness and low-vibration operation

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